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Being part of a winning team is awesome, thrilling, nurturing and I cannot say enough good words about team work.  Whether the  team wins or not we have a companion or many companions with whom we share our experience.  We learn together what works, what doesn’t and we adjust ourselves to become better.

Teams come in all forms. As couples, business partners, friends, families,  sports teams, writing partners and the list is endless.   There are important qualities that make partnerships successful; courage, cooperation, caring, companionship and trust.

That old mantra; “All for one and one for all.”     All for one agreed upon goal and each supports all of the other team members as they work toward that goal.

Good partners  get down in the trenches with us and dig for gold.  When gold is found we rejoice and share it. When we can’t find gold, we still value the experience of togetherness, lean on one another and make a new plan.

A great example of team work is migrating geese. Watch as they soar though the sky,  the one at the very point of the group working hardest, breaking through air currents, making flight easier for the others.  When she is tired there is a signal in the form of a honk, another honks back in agreement and willingly takes his turn. They share the hard work and they float on one another’s energy and most of all they trust one another.   I have never seen a flock of flying geese turn on one another in mid air. Or what I call,  fight in flight; feathers flying, wild honking, nasty pecking, one pissed off goose huffing off to sulk, making the others lose their focus and get behind schedule.  Or one competitive goose fighting for first place  or abruptly changing direction, leaving the others behind.  I have only seen a flock, in formation, headed in one direction,seamless, powerful, majestic. My  guess is they work out their differences before committing to the journey.    I am sure they have fun on the way, a few laughs on the golf course, rest and relaxation. A swim, some fishing, maybe a review of the last days flight, some planning ahead, a look at the map, the checking of wind direction and the volunteer point flyer sending out the starting honk at the previously  agreed upon time. Then as individuals joined in teamwork they lift  their eyes toward the sky.   As well oiled machine the team soars upward, one goal, one direction, all for one, one for all.

Marcel Duclos, M.Ed., M.Th. and Connie Robillard, MA have co-authored the books on this page. The Eye’s Have It: Ocular Melanoma, is a group project with many authors. It is also an awareness and fund raiser for CURE OM.