I love the song, Trouble, by Ray LaMontagne,  it resonates with parts of  me that have learned how to worry. His husky voice drolls,   “Trouble been doggin’ my soul since the day I was born.”  I especially the version used in an insurance ad, a little white  dog that is digging, dirty and running. The sparkle in his eyes tell his tale of mischief. He’s been in  trouble since the day he was born.  If you have ever had a dog take off-on all fours with you in persuit, you know how it feels. Worry  fills your mind and body until you get your dog back to safety.

Worry is contagious, we can contaminate others with it.  It can fill up our days, minds and dreams.

Some people believe worry equals love. It’s an illusion.  Worry is the journey to no-where.

Giving up worry is like giving up an addiction – it takes time.

Try freeing your mind of worry  for a few minutes, maybe fifteen, just to see how you feel without it.  Ask the worried part of you to take a break, put its feet up, sit with you in the sunlight, dig in the garden, walk around the block, leave the worry in a box until you return. Maybe being worry free is Self love, Self care and kindness to Self and others.