As I write this note about my life, I realize that I cannot separate my writing from my art or from my life as a therapist. Each is a part of me that inspires all aspects of my work. I have a need to be creative. It is not a want, It is truly a need. My creative parts are protected under the umbrella of introversion. For years I tried to be an extrovert and it didn’t fit me. To function as an extrovert, all of my energy has to fuel that outgoing part of my personality, leaving my creative bucket empty. Being a creative introvert brings me happiness.

Marriage: I got it right on the second try. The first marriage was to an extravert. He didn’t understand my need for quiet space. My second marriage is to an introvert like me and our life is peaceful with lots of room to be who we are, as individuals and as partners.

Reflections are my passion. Whether its images of trees reflected in water, shadows on a sidewalk, rocks mirrored in a tide pool or life reflected in memories.

I am the mother of many children who are now grown, with families of their own. They came to me in every way children can arrive. At last count they totaled six. I have twelve grandchildren ranging in age from 10 to 25.

Because of so much living and loving, I continue to feel young.

Kayaking is my meditation. I live on a pond in Southern New Hampshire surrounded by wildlife, woods and in the summer honeysuckle. The sound of peepers and laughing children is about as loud as it gets at my house. I am never bored and I must admit people who complain of boredom mystify me.

Life, is an amazing journey.